Creasing Wheel Set – Εργαλείο πίκμανσης

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In order to cleanly score solid or corrugated cardboard as well as other materials, they need to be prepared with the help of a creasing wheel. The tool allows for the easy creation of bending points for an accurate folding. For this purpose, the creasing wheel holder is mounted into the OTK-3 together with one of the five creasing wheels included in the set.

Note: The operation of the OTK-3 requires the current version of UCCNC (1.2110) or of the full version of WinPC-NC.

Scope of Delivery:

  • Creasing Wheel Holder
  • Creasing Wheels solid cardboard:
    • Ø 20 mm, W 0,7 mm, D 0,7 mm for cardboard 150 – 300 g/m2
    • Ø 20 mm, W 1,1 mm, D 1,1 mm for cardboard 150 – 300 g/m2
    • Ø 20 mm, W 1,5 mm, D 1,5 mm for cardboard 250 – 400 g/m2
  • Creasing Wheels twin wall material:
    • Ø 20 mm, radius 1,5 mm
    • Ø 20 mm, radius 3 mm


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