UCCNC Control Software OEM Package with UC400 Ethernet controller

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The UC-400ETH is a CNC machine controller with Ethernet interface (RJ45). The machine controller can communicate with the network card of the computer using a network cable. The connection can be directly between the UC-400ETH and the computer / network card or via a router / switch.

The machine controller UC-400ETH is compatible with the STEPCRAFT machines of the D-, M- and Q-Series and is simply connected to the LPT1 connection of the machine control.

Technical features
Ethernet connection between machine control and computer
Simultaneous control of up to four axes (extendable to up to six axes)
Operation with a step frequency of up to 400kHz
Standard LPT signal output
Compatible with UCCNC and Mach3 control software
Intermediate buffering of the signal data for fast and reliable communication

Scope of delivery
1x Connection box with integrated UC-400ETH motion controller
1x Ethernet cable, length 1 m
1x Parallel cable (LPT1), length 1 m
1x Power supply AC 120-240 V, DC 12 V, 1000 mA
1x Software License UCCNC

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