Suspended Workpiece Holder

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The Suspended Workpiece Holder has been constructed in order to facilitate the milling of thin materilas, as for examples brass sheets and wooden panels. These are fastened with the help of magnetic holders and clamping bolts which serves to not only prevent the collection of chips under the workpiece but also the resulting deformation of the plate as well. Thus, considerably more precise results can be achieved when working with thin materials.

The Suspended Workpiece Holder is available in one size to work with the models 300, 420, 600 and 840.

Technical Specifications:
Material thickness: 2 mm sheet metal
Water and corrosion resistant
Clamping range: 30 to 210 resp. 345 mm

Scope of Delivery:
1x steel plate 220 x 375 mm
17 washers
17 nuts
5 magnetic thread adapter
5 flat grippers
5 countersunk bolts