Aluminum T-Slot Table 600 D3

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TheAluminum T-Slot Table 600 D3 for your STEPCRAFT D-Series!

T-Slot Machine Table is made of low-tension aluminum and is well-suited for clamping workpieces of different materials and sizes or accessories like a machine vice or rotary axis. You can either use a M6 screw nut or a slot nut of 10 mm width. Due to the quick-exchange system the assembly of the machine table is very easy.
The T-Slot Machine Table is 4 mm thicker than the HPL-plate, so the maximum height of the Z-axis gets reduced.

Technical Data:
Size 680 x 441,6 x 12 mm (W x L x H)
Weight 11,5 kg

Βάρος 11,5 kg