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WinPC-NC* is a software that turns every standard PC with a Windows operating system into a universal NC control system that can control 3 or 4 stepper motor axes. There are two versions available for the STEPCRAFT machine series with a graded functional scope and different prices.

The Starter version is an easy to learn version for beginners that can control two stepper motor axes simultaneously. Additionally, it can process vector graphics files, for example from CorelDraw or Inkscape, and can cut out ribs for model building or also produce door plates with engraving.

The main advantages of the control software are:
WinPC-NC is delivered pre-configured for STEPCRAFT machines.
All versions of WinPC-NC can import, show and process drawing data in the formats HPGL, DXF (2D, R12, R14), drilling data EPS/AI (V3, V8).
The intelligent path control ensures the optimal speed in all situations using powerful Look-ahead functions.
WinPC-NC supports real multitasking and never blocks the operation of Windows or other programs.
An integrated, 3D capable graphical interface provides the ideal basis for processing 2.5 and 3D tasks.
Each version of WinPC-NC is equipped with 2D CAM functions.
With different functions WinPC-NC provides full control of the connected machine. JOG move is executed in exact steps with the help of a keyboard, mouse buttons, joystick, 3D-mouse or handwheel.
With the current version of WinPC-NC the user is able to create or select the required design or color by specifically developed templates.
WinPC-NC offers an intuitve help function for maximal user comfort.

For more detailed information and a tabular comparison of the different versions please click here.

* IMPORTANT! The software can only be bought in connection with the purchase of a STEPCRAFT Desktop CNC System with a USB interface! Please select this type of interface during the configuration of the Desktop CNC System.

System Requirements:
Modern PC with at least 1,4 GHz clock frequency
USB 2.0 interface
Hard drive with at least 10 MB free memory
Win2K, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10

Scope of Delivery:
Software CD with manuals
First Steps WinPC-NC

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