Machine Lubricant

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MICROLUBE GL 261 grease is a special lubricating grease on a mineral oil base. It also contains special lithium soap and the MICROLUBE additive package, which ensures a wear-free surface finish. Running-in wear is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the MICROLUBE additive package provides protection in the boundary friction regime, thus, preventing tribo-corrosion. MICROLUBE GL 261 grease has the capacity to absorb high pressures and good anti-corrosion properties.

MICROLUBE GL 261 is preferably applied when operating with rolling or plain bearings, linear axes with low or medium velocity as well as with swivel movements and vibrations.

It is recommended to regularly grease the STEPCRAFT machine series 1 and 2. This way, the wear on the linear axes is minimized and a long life expectancy granted.

Scope of Delivery:
40 g special lubricant

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